Before bringing Sandra, on board I was trying to do it all myself. This proved to be an impossible task and many sleepless nights. She explained that as the owner of the business it was important to stay focused on bringing in the business and rather get someone like All Things Bookkeeping to focus on the financial wellbeing of the business, as well as the SARS compliance of the business. As soon as Sandra started working with me, she set up a well-organized system that enables me to focus on my business and making money. She focused on the SARS stuff, keeping records as well as started running our payroll and all that comes with it.

I am happy to say that my bookkeeping is up to date and I now know where the money goes and have systems in place to assist with identifying waste and showing where we can save. I also now know where to find all my receipts. I don’t have to spend hours of my time trying to get my admin organized anymore. I also now know exactly where I stand with my finances on a day to day basis.

I must also add, that when I require, Management Accounts or Financials she’s on it immediately.