Once you are sure that your business has a future, that is when you start to plan.

Step 2
Plan to succeed!

Planning is the key to success, no matter how small or how large your business, you’ve got to aggressively plan the work — and then aggressively work the plan!

Opening a business without a business plan is like setting out into the middle of nowhere with no map or supplies and trying to find a specific location you’ve never been to. You have an idea where you want to go but you have no idea of which direction to take or what supplies you will need. How can you possibly hope to get there?

My previous article will give you more info about the pitfalls – please read this before you continue with this one article.

I now want to focus on what to do once you have done the self-reflection and you believe that all systems are a go for your business to be successful.

We now have to focus on the business plan and the writing thereof.
What needs to be in the business plan?
Who is your audience? – Possible investors, the bank or is the plan to keep you focused and on track.

First we plan and then we implement.

It is always good to remind yourself that, planning your business should be an enjoyable and fulfilling process, not a stressful and frustrating one!

Start with a visual board – make it VISUAL and COLOURFUL and BRIGHT.

The power of visualisation cannot be exaggerated. Most people who achieve great things have the clearest picture in their mind of what they want. (When Olympic sprinters are asked what they’re thinking about when they stare down the track seconds before the starting gun, without exception they say that it is seeing themselves bursting through the tape and winning the gold medal.)

A collage of your “vision” will not only help you when you are putting together your project but, hung in a prominent place, it will serve to keep you focused.

When it comes to vision, don’t short-change yourself right at the start by thinking:
“I can’t. . .”
“What if. . .”
“It’s impossible. . .”
With determination and hard work, you have the means within you to make every idea come alive!

Get yourself started and download a copy of our business plan template here.